Automated IT Usability Survey (ITUS)

Throughout the complete project life cycle, I served as UX Research & Design Coach, Product Owner, and Service Owner to provide application product teams the Auto-ITUS, an automated tool that quickly and easily validates the usability of enterprise applications.


UX Digital One-Stop-Shop

On the UX Digital One-Stop-Shop, I served as UX Designer / Developer, UX Research and Design Lead, Content Manager, UX Training and Development Lead, and Product Owner to deliver a cross-organizational UX digital presence.


UX Training and Development

As UX Learning & Development Program Owner, I architected and launched a framework to provide an infrastructure to foster enterprise-level internal UX talent opportunities. The model additionally integrated with DevOps and Agile training / coaching methodologies and practices.


Support Insights

Support Insights was a multi-pronged initiative where I served as human factors engineering lead to understand employee IT support experiences. Insights from my work were used to provide new and innovative support tools / services to employees and call agents.


Supplier Experiences

As Human Factors Engineering Lead and UX Research Coach, I led a cross-functional team to conduct targeted research that gained insights into supplier segment experiences and their digital needs as they conducted business with a large, enterprise company.


Human Resources Help

The Get HR Help project involved a multidisciplinary team of HR and IT professionals working together to implement a streamlined, clear, and consistent customized HR entry point where I served as Lead UX Researcher and Designer.