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We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

I approach my work with blend of creativity and logic. While I was formally trained in cognitive sciences, I am driven by insatiable curiosity and usually adapt my process accordingly, treating no 2 projects the same. Find out more about my approach and philosophy, in a recent article where I was a featured interview guest.


I love using technology to help solve people’s problems and create more meaningful life experiences. I also love alliterations, and decided to have a little fun using the letter “I” to describe some of the fundamentals I use in my process.



Impactful results come from iterative research and design practices. Constantly test assumptions and then pivot accordingly. And then retest again until you run out of time, money or resources.



Involve the entire team in research and design activities to foster a cohesive approach that provides learning and insights for the collective team.

Make right-sized incremental wins towards a minimal viable product. Whenever possible, start small with pilot activities and smaller user subgroups and then gradually scale across larger target audiences.



Pick and choose the right method(s) for the job. Integrate a combination of techniques as context requires.


Creatively problem solve with design thinking tools and techniques


Continuously improve processes utilized and delivered results. Track wins with metrics that showcase value.